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Eloqua Registration for Engagement Hub

This page outlines how you can setup Eloqua for registration to an ON24 Engagement Hub.


Create Eloqua Elements for Auto-Redirect to Engagement Hub

To setup your gateway for external registration using an Eloqua form and landing page, you can setup a Eloqua “thank you for registering” landing page with a redirect script that pulls in Eloqua contact fields to the redirect URL.

New Fields

1. Create a new contact field to store gateway URLs to redirect back to individual pieces of content. When clicking on a piece of content in the gateway, the redirect over to your Eloqua landing page will retain the direct-to-content URL as a query string parameter.


2. Create a new Field Merge field for Query String to pull the gateway direct-to-content query string parameter values into the contact GatewayURL field.


3. Create a new Field Merge field to use on the redirect landing pages.


Form and Landing Pages

4. Create an Eloqua form and landing page. On the form add a hidden field for the GatewayURL and use the Field Merge to pull in the query string. You will capture the direct-to-content URL through the form to use on the Eloqua redirect landing page.


5. Form processing step “Redirect to Web Page” points to Eloqua redirect landing page.


6. The Eloqua “thank you for registering” redirect landing page can be empty of content and in the Page Snippet Tools add the redirect script for gateway auto-registration URL. This pulls in the contact fields to post over to the gateway. The new contact merge field GatewayURLcontactField1 will pull into the targetUrl and will redirect users to the content that they initially clicked on. The eventId and key values can be provided by your CSM.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=<span class='eloquaemail'>EmailAddress</span>&firstName=<span class='eloquaemail'>First_Name___Forms1</span>&lastName=<span class='eloquaemail'>LastName</span>&jobTitle=<span class='eloquaemail'>Title1</span>&company=<span class='eloquaemail'>Company</span>&targetUrl=<span class='eloquaemail'>GatewayURLcontactField1</span>" />


7. In the gateway setup in Elite, switch to External or Login Only and add the Eloqua registration landing page URL. Add in the query string parameter for the hidden gateway URL form field. The token #ACCESS_URL# will pull over the direct-to-content to store in the contact record to be used in the redirect script.


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