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Act-On Registration for ON24

Instructions on how to setup Act-On to post registrant data to ON24 through an External Double-Post.


  • While creating or modifying the Act-On form, go to the Settings page.
  • Go to the External Double-Post URL section, and enter the ON24 External Double-Post Handler URL. The construction of the URL is explained in the next slide.

  • This sends a POST request (submits data) to the specified URL
  • Enter the ON24 External Double-Post Handler URL in the format:[Event_Key]
  • The Event ID and Event Key can be found in the webcast’s Audience URL:
  • For example, to pass registration from an Act-On form to an ON24 webcast with an event ID of 1064850, the POST URL would be the following:

What information can be transferred to ON24?

Note: Form field names must exactly match the list below.
Registration Fields
First Name
Last Name
E-mail Address
Job Title
Business Phone
Business Street
Business City
Business State
Business Postal Code
Business Country
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