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Tibco Scribe - Salesforce

Overview of the Tibco Scribe integration options for Salesforce.

Contact Support for assistance with the setup of Scribe.


Salesforce Objects

Within the Tibco Scribe platform we can setup a connector for API access to Salesforce. The connector uses a user/seat in Salesforce to access the API, and any read/write/edit permissions for the user will open up access to objects and fields in Salesforce. The most common objects we interact with are Contacts, Leads, Campaigns and Campaign Members, however we can also interact with any standard or custom object.



In a standard setup we can update/create Contacts and Leads, as well as create Campaign Member records for the Contacts and Leads. See the example Campaign Member record below associated with a Contact. You can add any of the ON24 Attendee data points as individual fields in the Campaign Member object.



Prospect Engagement Profile URL

ON24 also hosts a report page for each user, based on email address, that shows lifetime activity in your account. This report is accessible via our Prospect Engagement Profile (PEP) URL. We can push this URL over to a field in your Contact and Lead records and this URL is an un-gated report page that your Salesforce users can leverage to view ON24 activity.



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