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Tibco Scribe - Pardot

Overview of the Tibco Scribe integration options for Pardot Prospects.

Contact Support for assistance with the setup of Scribe.


Create Custom Prospect Fields

The ON24 integration service supports pushing over concatenated list of ON24 webinar eventids to custom prospect fields. Below are the names you need to use for these fields:

  1. ON24 Registered
  2. ON24 Attended Live
  3. ON24 Attended On-demand



How to use the Custom Prospect Fields

  1. Create dynamic lists for each of:  ON24 Registered, ON24 Attended Live and ON24 Attended On-demand.



  1. Add the rule that will look for the event id in the ON24 field, such as the ON24 Registered field.  This rule must be a contains match since there can be multiple event ids listed in the field.


3. You can add additional rules such as scoring if you use scoring to push new prospects into Salesforce or for email campaigns.


Please note that the integration will update the Pardot prospect but will not update the prospect’s activity.

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