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Tibco Scribe - HubSpot

Overview of the Tibco Scribe integration options for HubSpot contacts.

Create the Custom Contact Properties

We suggest at a very minimum to add custom contact properties for each list you want to be able to create in HubSpot:  Registered, Attended and Attended On-demand. You can name these fields however your naming convention dictates. The Last Webinar Registered / Attended are also nice-to-haves for Sales.



Consult the ON24 Data spreadsheet to determine the full list of fields you’d like to push from ON24 to HubSpot

Suggested fields to push from ON24 to HubSpot:

  1. Registered event ids (strongly recommended)
  2. Attended event ids (strongly recommended)
  3. Attended On-Demand event ids
  4. Prospect Engagement Profile URL
  5. Last Webinar Registered
  6. Last Webinar Attended
  7. Engagement Score
  8. User Questions

Additional fields can be pulled back to a CRM if desired as they may be more easily reported on and actionable in a CRM environment.

How to use the Custom Contact Properties

  1. Create Active lists and use the ON24 Registered, ON24 Attended and ON24 On-demand fields to setup your rules for populating the active lists as shown below.  These lists are dynamic and will update automatically when the field is updated. You must use the "contains any of" logic when building these lists.


  1. Create an Enrollment Trigger. This option is good if you have other actions you would like to perform after a contact registers or attends a webinar.  This option is also a better choice if you have a restricted number active lists available.
    • Create Static lists for each ON24 field.  (Registered, Attended and Attended On-demand)
    • Create a workflow using the ON24 fields as the enrollment triggers. Use "contains" in the filter criteria.
    • Add the static lists to the workflow.
    • Complete the workflow with any additional actions.


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