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Tibco Scribe

Contact Support for assistance with the setup of a Scribe.



ON24 is partnered with the iPaaS provider Tibco Scribe. As part of the ON24 Connect service in your ON24 contract, you have access to this platform for setting up direct API connections to a variety of Marketing Automation Platforms and CRMs. 

The ON24 Integration Support team can assist in the setup of the integration mappings within Scribe. This service is setup at the ON24 account so that all activity can feed into your end platform. The integration service runs in batches as frequently as every hour, and this allows the automated flow of registrant and attendee activity out of the ON24 platform.



Support for Leading CRM & Marketing Automation Solutions

The ON24 Integration Service passes webcast reporting metrics to an ever-growing list of leading CRM and marketing automation solutions. With the ON24 Integration Service, viewer activity and user engagement metrics can be leveraged in your lead scoring and nurturing process. Supported solutions include: Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, NetSuite, Eloqua, Marketo, Silverpop, Exact Target, and HubSpot.


One-Time Setup for Your Account

The ON24 Integration Service only needs to be setup once for all of the webinars in your account. The setup process is assisted by the ON24 Integration Support team. Once the mapping logic is in place the integration is setup to run in batches at a scheduled frequency of your choosing.


Custom Workflow & Mapping

The ON24 Integration Service allows you to meet your unique marketing workflow by transferring webcast metrics to your CRM or marketing automation solution. The integration service can be customized for your specific platform configuration and logic can be applied to the data prior to transferring over to your end platform.

Platforms and Objects Accessible via Scribe Integration

Below is an overview of the common end platforms that Scribe can integrate with. For additional platforms and endpoints see the Scribe Connector Guide.


ON24 Elite




Dynamics 365   Pardot
Webinar, Registrant, Attendee Data Standard and Custom Entities Prospects
ON24 Gateway Eloqua Salesforce
Video, PDF, URL Views Contacts, Custom Objects, Lists Standard and Custom Objects
  HubSpot Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  Contacts Data Extensions
  Marketo SugarCRM
  People, Custom Objects Standard and Custom Modules
  NetSuite Silverpop
  Standard and Custom Record Types Relational Tables, CSV to FTP


ON24 Data Available for Mapping

The following metrics can be passed from ON24 to CRMs and Marketing Automation Platforms:

Event Summary:

  • Event ID
  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Date / Time (live start/end, archive start/end)
  • Registration Count
  • Attendance Statistics (attendance count, live count, archive count)
  • Tags

For Each Registrant:

  • User Provided Registration Data (first name, last name, email, company, etc.)
  • Registration Date / Time

For Each Attendee:

  • Engagement Score
  • Live Statistics (number of minutes, first access, last access)
  • Archive Statistics (number of minutes, first access, last access)
  • Poll Questions and Answers
  • Survey Questions and Answers
  • User Questions and Presenter Responses
  • Test Results (passed / failed)
  • Certification


Scribe Setup Steps

   Milestone    Steps                                                                                                                                       
Request Support
  1. Client - Submit ticket to request setup support
  1. ON24 - Create Scribe account and invite client
  2. Client - Sign up for Scribe and add connector for API access to end platform
  3. Client - Create custom fields and objects in end platform
  4. Client - Fill out mapping spreadsheet and send to ON24
  5. ON24 - Setup mappings in Scribe
  1. ON24 - Push test data through Scribe mappings
  2. Client - Validate test data
  1. Client - Confirm integration activation
  2. ON24 - Activate integration


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