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Outreach Data Integration

The ON24 Connect for Outreach integration enables teams to track, measure, and understand audience engagement and buying signals from ON24 digital experiences through advanced AI.

Access ON24 prospect engagement data directly within the Outreach platform to create connected workflows that allow teams to track prospect engagement across activities to drive personalized interactions and accelerate pipeline.



Email with the following:

  1. Request to enable the ON24 Client Extension for your Outreach instance
  2. Specify if you want the Add On enabled for the entire org or specific users
  3. Send ON24 API credentials
    • clientId
    • accessTokenKey
    • accessTokenSecret


Prospect Module

The ON24 tab should be visible in your Prospect records:

prospect module.png



  • If you don't see the ON24 AddOn Tab, it's because your manifest is not installed yet. Contact Outreach for more support at


  • If you see a message like "Missing fields: clientId, pro.emails, accessTokenKey, and accessTokenSecret are required", it's because the manifest or your ON24 API credentials (clientId, accessTokenKey, and accessTokenSecret) weren't installed properly. Contact Outreach for more support at


  • If the message in the ON24 tab says "No registrants found", check if the email associated with the Prospect exists as a registrant/attendee in ON24.


  • A message like "AccessTokenKey and AccessTokenSecret are wrong or invalid." means that you have wrong credentials or there was a typo error when sending the mail to Outreach or installing your credentials. Verify that all the info was sent and installed properly.


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