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Marketo ON24 LaunchPoint Adapter Service (Legacy Service)


The Marketo ON24 Adapter LaunchPoint Service allows Marketo to push registrant data to ON24 and pull back program member status updates. See Marketo ON24 Adapter for more information.

Below are answers to common questions about the adapter: 



  • Marketo registration is required.
  • Marketo pushes registrant data pushes to ON24 after program member statuses are updated to "Registered".
  • Marketo only sends over first name, last name, email, company and job title.
  • Marketo generates a Webinar URL for each program member after the "Registered" status is triggered. NOTE: You can only reference the Webinar URL via the member.webinar url token if the email is a local asset for your program. Other programs or nested email program emails will not be able to reference the Webinar URL. Marketo confirmation emails should be sent after status changes to "Registered" to give Marketo time to generate the Webinar URL.


  • Marketo calls out to the ON24 data feed daily at 11 pm Pacific. Based on the activity in the ON24 data feed, Marketo updates program member statuses to "Attended" and "Attended On-demand".
  • In your program, you can manually refresh in the program 2hrs after the end of an event using the Event Actions > Refresh from Webinar Provider. This triggers Marketo to call out to the ON24 data feed.


  • After Marketo changes "Attended" statuses, Marketo will update "Registered" program members to "No Show". If there are no live attendees, Marketo will not change "Registered" to "No Show".
  • Marketo will update statuses of existing program members. If an ON24 attendee is not in the Marketo program, Marketo will try and find a person with the same email address and add them to the program with the appropriate attendee status. If a person doesn't exist in Marketo, Marketo will create a new person with only an email address so that it can add the person into the program with the appropriate attendee status.


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