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InterAction (Vuture) Data Integration


As well as automatically registering contacts for ON24 webinars using forms it is also possible to automatically write back attendee information to InterAction.

This works through a scheduled task that once a day (schedule can be varied) does the following:

  • Marks contacts who attend the webinar as attended in InterAction using an attended additional field in the list for the event
  • Write an activity against the contact to indicate the event they attended
  • Include any written questions the contact added in the activity

How to setup

  1. Provide your ON24 Client Id and Key to your Account Manager or Support who will enter them into the system configuration settings "Admin.System.Forms.ON24 Integration Service Event Client Id" and "Admin.System.Forms.ON24 Integration Event Key." ON24 should be able to provide you with these values.
  2. Enable the ON24 Event Processing Task (this will write back the attendee data to InterAction) by letting your Account Manager or Support know at what frequency and at what time you would like the task to run. We recommend once per day outside peak hours but at a time you know your InterAction will be available. They will set this schedule at "Admin.Services.ON24EventProcessingTask."
  3. If you are not already using the Events Module and have an "Event Attended" Activity Type setup, please provide an InterAction Activity Type Id to use for contacts attending your event. We will update this at "Admin.System.Events.Attended activity type id"

How to use

On each ON24 form make sure you choose the "Attended" additional field to be used for that event by choosing the InterAction folder, additional field and additional field value that will be used to mark each contact as attended. This is in addition to the ON24 Audience URL which must be entered for the event:


When the contact registers for the event we record their InterAction Contact Id against their contact registration record in ON24. When the Scheduled Task runs it pulls an attendee feed from ON24 and writes back any new attendees to InterAction by recording an activity using the defined Attended Activity Type Id and sets the Attended additional field to the specified value.

Note: Vuture needs to store the EventID and ContactID to ON24 via the std1 and std2 fields. Do not re-purpose custom field #1 (std1) or custom field #2 (std2) as it will cause the integration back to InterAction to break.


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