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HubSpot Data Integration

The ON24 HubSpot Data Integration solution uses the Tibco Scribe platform to make API calls out to HubSpot and interact with Contacts.


Contact Integration Support for assistance with the setup of a Scribe. Below are the setup details in HubSpot for creating custom fields and how to use the data in the custom fields to segment registrants and attendees.


Create the Custom Contact Properties

The ON24 integration service supports pushing over concatenated list of ON24 webinar eventids to custom contact properties. Below are the names you need to use for these fields:

  1. ON24 Registered
  2. ON24 Attended Live
  3. ON24 Attended On-demand


Additional attendee interactivity data can be pushed to a CRM if desired as they may be more easily reported on and actionable in a CRM environment. Through the HubSpot API we have access to contact properties to hold our data, so we do not recommend pushing event specific data to fields that will get overwritten.


How to use Custom Contact Properties

  1. Create Active lists and use the ON24 Registered, ON24 Attended Live and ON24 Attended On-demand fields to setup your rules for populating the active lists as shown below.  These lists are dynamic and will update automatically when the field is updated. You must use the "contains any of" logic when building these lists.


  1. Create an Enrollment Trigger. This option is good if you have other actions you would like to perform after a contact registers or attends a webinar.  This option is also a better choice if you have a restricted number active lists available.
    • Create Static lists for each ON24 field.  (ON24 Registered, ON24 Attended Live and ON24 Attended On-demand)
    • Create a workflow using the ON24 fields as the enrollment triggers. Use "contains" in the filter criteria.
    • Add the static lists to the workflow.
    • Complete the workflow with any additional actions.


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