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Dynamics 365 for Marketing Data Integration


The ON24 Dynamics 365 for Marketing integration allows customers to dynamically create ON24 webinars directly from Dynamics 365 for Marketing. This connection also allows for a bi-directional sync of registrant and attendee activity between both platforms.


To setup this service, you will need the ON24 Connect line item in your contract to open up access to the ON24 REST API. Please see for instructions on setting up the service in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

The Dynamics 365 Marketing tool created by Microsoft uses the ON24 REST API to provide the following services:

  1. Create an event (msevtmgt_event) in Dynamics 365 Marketing and have this automatically create a webinar in ON24. Note that this creates the shell of an event and does not currently support copying existing templates. Deleting the event or changing the event title and time in Dynamics 365 Marketing will also update the webinar in ON24.

  2. Pull back the audience URL and presenter URL from the ON24 webinar into the event (msevtmgt_event) in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

  3. Sync event registrants with ON24. Contacts added into the event as registrants (msevtmgt_eventregistration) will push registrant data to the ON24 webinar, and any ON24 registrants will pull back into Dynamics 365 Marketing and create contacts and registrants (msevtmgt_eventregistration) in the event.

  4. Sync event attendees with ON24. Dynamics 365 Marketing will pull ON24 webinar attendee activity and create attendance records (msevtmgt_checkin) in the event. Note that this only shows that a contact attended and does not include detailed attendee activity. Any additional data requires ON24 to setup an additional integration service to target custom fields/entities in Dynamics.


Event (msevtmgt_event)



Registrants (msevtmgt_eventregistration)



Attendees (msevtmgt_checkin)


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