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Act-On Data Integration


Act-On Terminology

  • Client Account: An Act-On client account identifies each unique customer instance. There is a 1:1 relationship between the Act-On and ON24 client accounts.
  • Folders: The way is which ON24 webinars are grouped in Act-On. There is a 1:1 relationship between a folder and ON24 client account.
  • Contact List: A list of individuals that have been logically grouped together. With respect to ON24 webinars, there is a 1:1 relationship between a webinar and contact list.
  • Contacts: Individuals in Act-On that are included in a specific contact list. With respect to ON24 webinars, contacts are viewers who have (at least) registered for the associated webcast.

Linking Client Accounts

  • ON24 will send over the URL to enter your Act-On credentials to connect to your instance of Act-On
  • Enter Act-On username and password and click Submit

    linking client accounts.gif

Webinar Activity Checking and Mapping

  • Periodically, each ON24 Client Account configured for Act-On integration will be checked for new registrants and attendee activity1
  • When the first registrant of a webinar is found:
    • A folder is created for the first registrant in the first webinar in the Marketing Lists section of Act-On
    • A contact list is created
    • A contact in the contact list is created with registrant data
  • For each subsequent registrant, another contact is created in the contact list
  • For each webinar, a new contact list will be created


  1. Synchronization interval is every six hours. It is the same time for all clients.
  2. The folder name will be the ON24 Client Account ID.

Registration Data

  • Email address is the unique identifier for a contact within a contact list.
  • Lead Source is the partner-ref field that is recorded in the registrant record.
  • The status is set to “registered,” and the date and is recorded.
  • The contact will be created with the standard demographic and status fields below
    Demographic Fields
    Last Name
    Email Address
    Work Phone Number
    Street Address 1
    Street Address 2
    Postal Code
    Company Size
    Job Function
    Lead Source
    Status Fields
    Status (Registered)
    Registration Date/Time

Webinar Activity & Status

If attendee activity is detected during the webinar check:

  • Contact is identified via an email address
  • Contact status is changed to “Attended”
  • Attendance day/time stamp is recorded
  • Webinar activity is stored in the contact’s record in the contact list
    Webinar Activity Fields
    Live Duration
    Archive Duration
    Engagement Score
    # of Poll Responses
    # of Questions Asked
    # of Surveys Submitted
    Number of Resources Viewed
    Status Fields
    Status (Attended)
    Registration Date/Time
    Attendance Date/Time
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